Has Diane Keaton had any Plastic Surgery? No!

Actor, director, screen writer and producer Diane Keaton has been making regular appearances in movie theatres and on our television screens since 1970. Born in 1946 the actress is now approaching seventy and unlike many actresses her age is not sporting the plastic looking features so commonly seen amongst her peers. She is still as vibrant and funny as she ever was and her skills are still very much in demand within the entertainment industry.

Has Diane Keaton had any Plastic Surgery?

Unlike many in the film and entertainment industry Diane has not taken to enhancing her appearance with the aid of plastic surgery. She is one woman who has taken the decision to grow old gracefully. She has always stated that plastic surgery has crossed her mind, but until she is certain that there is an absolute need for it, she will do without it. It doesn’t appear to have done the actress any harm as she is still landing incredible film roles. There was criticism lately though that despite the actress being happy with her looks, one of the companies that she promotes was not. In fact they were so unhappy they went to work with a airbrush on her promotional images to hide her natural lines and wrinkles.

Before and After:

Cosmetic company L’Oreal, for whom Diane promotes a range of anti aging skin products saw fit to airbrush away all of her natural expression lines in favour of showing her with a flawless face. Unfortunately for them they decided to air the commercial during the Golden Globe awards, during which Ms Keaton was taking centre stage. The move sparked criticism of the company for their actions in trying to promote their products with false images, having been the face of their anti aging products for a while they should appreciate more just how good the lady looks for her age.

Before and After pictures:

Diane Keaton picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia)

Diane Keaton picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Diane Keaton picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia)

Diane Keaton picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Has Diane Keaton had any Plastic Surgery?

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