Has Diane Sawyer had any Plastic Surgery?

Diane Sawyer is a highly respected broadcast journalist and currently the anchorwoman on ‘World News Tonight’ on America’s ABC network. Her television career began in 1967 when she took a job as weather girl on a Kentucky television station. Before her television break she was a beauty queen. Her career has taken her to many places and offered her access to places and people that few ever get to see. She has been on American television for more than four decades and yet still looks as fresh faced now as she did thirty years ago.

Has Diane Sawyer had any Plastic Surgery?

There is no doubt that she has taken to receiving the help of a team of cosmetic surgeons in order to remain looking so youthful, but what viewers are interested in is what she has had done. Sources have stated that because she has in essence aged in front of the eyes of her viewers that she is not going to commit to making any drastic changes to her appearance which would make her look unnatural. She worries that undertaking major facial surgery would leave her looking like comedienne Joan Rivers. Whilst she does display some facial lines and crow’s feet in current images they are not perhaps at the extent that they should be.

Before and After:

She is believed to have undergone a face lift procedure in order to remove the loose skin around her jaw line and neck, something which many women her age are prone to experiencing. From the mobility still evident in her face it seems sensible to suggest that she has not ventured into the realms of Botox therapy or filler injections. There is also the suggestion of her having undergone minor rhinoplasty as these days her nose appears to be more streamlined than it used to be. It seems that Diane is more than willing to age naturally and gracefully in front of her viewing audience.

Before and After pictures:

Diane Sawyer picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Diane Sawyer picture from 2007 (via Imdb)

Diane Sawyer picture from 2004 (via Imdb)

Has Diane Sawyer had any Plastic Surgery?

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