Has Elizabeth Berkley had Plastic Surgery?

Elizabeth Berkley came to prominence in the television series ‘Saved by the Bell’. Born in 1972 she trained as a dancer and as a teenager became a model for the Elite model agency. The television series gave her the break that she needed, going on to star in movies such as ‘Showgirls’ and ‘The First Wives Club’. Now in her forties she looks great, and there are many who people believe that this is due to cosmetic therapy rather than simply aging well.

Has Elizabeth Berkley had Plastic Surgery?

Having appeared on our screens at quite a young age, there are plenty of images which show how her face has changed as she has matured into the woman she is now. She is believed to have undergone lip enhancement surgery as well as a nose job to improve the set of her features. She looks as though she has also undergone a breast augmentation procedure, and received dermal injections to fill out the signs of lines and wrinkles on her face, leaving her with a very smooth complexion.

Before and After:

The change to her nose it perhaps the most noticeable, as it is much narrower now than it was and also more symmetrical. There is no sign of any excess skin or fat in her neck area which has lead to speculation that she has undergone a liposuction procedure to remove unsightly fat. The process may also have been applied to the rest of her body to improve her figure and provide her with natural looking curves. The breast augmentation therapy that she has received has provided her with a bust which is perfectly in proportion with the size and shape of her body. The procedures that she has paid for have provided her with a great figure and flawless face, and are an example of plastic surgery done well.

Before and After pictures:

Elizabeth Berkley picture from 2000.

Elizabeth Berkley picture from 2002.

Elizabeth Berkley picture from 2008.

Elizabeth Berkley picture from 2011.

Has Elizabeth Berkley had a Nose Plastic Surgery?

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