Has Helen Hunt Had Plastic Surgery?

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Helen Hunt is an American actress who has taken on the roles of screen writer and director just as easily as she taken on the role of any character she has ever played. Her acting work has seen her win numerous awards from Golden Globes to an Oscar. Like many actresses her age, signs of growing old are hard to ignore. She was rather unflatteringly captured on film in 2009 whilst on a beach holiday in Hawaii. When the images were published, attention was drawn to her ageing, sagging skin which made her appear much older than her true age. It was perhaps these candid images which prompted her to seek professional, surgical help.

Has Helen Hunt Had Plastic Surgery?

Recent images show a revitalised, fresh faced and younger looking woman. Her skin shows very little sign of ageing and there is no sign of the sagging skin which had previously been obvious. It would be sensible to suggest that the elimination of the lines and wrinkles on her face is the result of Botox injections. However the chance that she has had a full face lift is also a possibility. Laser treatment would also help to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. A neck lift would almost certainly have resolved the issues of sagging skin which were made obvious in the beach photos.

Differences between now and then:

Her jaw line is now cleaner and more defined, her facial features have been accentuated and refined. Her skin is now smooth, taut and blemish free. Of course cosmetics and styling can only help to accentuate the work of the surgical team, but it would appear that the woman captured in those holiday photographs no longer exists. Now we see a woman who has done what she could to return to her youth and recapture the glamour she once took for granted.

Before and after pictures:

Helen Hunt in 2011.

Helen Hunt in 1988.

My opinion? It could be make-up, or the camera. It could be no surgery at all. What do you think?

Has Helen Hunt Had Plastic Surgery?

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