Has Hunter Tylo had more Plastic Surgery?

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As far as the plastic surgery rumours which surround actress Hunter Tylo are concerned, there are two camps. One that believes that the look is achieved through surgical enhancements and less invasive therapies, and the other which believes that her look is entirely natural. The actress is best remembered for her appearance in the long running American soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (Katherine Kelly Lang and Robin Mcgraw), though she is also a model and writer. Celebrity magazines are keen to point out that there is something less than natural about her youthful image, something which not all of her fans are happy with.

Has Hunter Tylo had more Plastic Surgery?

By looking at images from a cross section of her career it is clear to see that something has happened to provide the actress with the looks which are attracting so much attention. Judging by the images it is possible to say that her looks could be the result of having had a face lift, Botox injections, lip filler injections, breast implants and a tummy tuck. Her skin is smooth and wrinkle free, however her skin also looks just a little too tight and stiff. Her lips, although they have been plumped out appear to be on the large side, as though they have been plumped out just a little too much. Her face seems a little out of proportion as a result. It has been commented that her breasts now appear too large for her natural body frame, and that the enlargement that she had was too extreme.

Before and After:

Many people in the industry believe that the implants and augmentation that she has had were a series of bad choices on the part of the actress. Some of the work that she has had done has left her looking unnatural, for example her face lacks the symmetry which may celebrities look for when having plastic surgery procedures.

Before and After pictures:

Hunter Tylo picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia)

Hunter Tylo picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Hunter Tylo picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Hunter Tylo picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Has Hunter Tylo had more Plastic Surgery?

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