Has Kim Delaney had Plastic Surgery?

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Actress Kim Delaney plays a detective in the television series ‘NYPD Blue’, she has also appeared in ‘All My Children’ and several movies. Born in 1961 the actress is now in her fifties and like many women her age in the entertainment industry is subject to the usual plastic surgery rumours. She is another actress who has failed to come forward and either confirm or deny the rumours, yet despite her silence the rumours continue to grow. Many of them relate to her looking for reliable anti aging solutions so that she can hold off the aging process for as long as possible.

Has Kim Delaney had Plastic Surgery?

She is believed to have had collagen injections into her lips in order to give her mouth a more full appearance, and a naturally perfect pout. However, the injections many not have gone entirely as planned as her lips give the impression that they have been over plumped with a little too much collagen, to the point where she has been described as having a ‘trout pout’ a common look amongst women who have taken the procedure too far, where their lips start to resemble those of a fish.

Before and After:

Many of her fans suspect that’s he has also undergone either a face lift or is having Botox therapy to delay the signs of aging, as her face seems more plump and young looking that it perhaps should. There is no denying that she does look slightly younger than she should, but there are also not the signs that she has resorted to using all of the skills the surgeon has at his disposal. It may well be that she will opt for more dramatic surgery in the future, but here’s hoping she does not take it too far and ends up looking like a plastic replica of her former self.

Before and After pictures:

Kim Delaney picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia) or this picture.

Kim Delaney picture from 2006 (via Wikipedia)

Kim Delaney picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Kim Delaney picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Has Kim Delaney had Plastic Surgery?

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