Has Leslie Stahl had Plastic Surgery?

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Lesley Stahl is a journalist who has been reporting for ’60 Minutes’ on the American CBS Network since 1991. Born in 1941 the reporter is now in her seventies, and fielding reports about how she has been to see a plastic surgeon in order to help her look a little younger. In light of her fresh faced look, in spite of her advancing years, there are few who believe her look is natural. Like many women of her generation she is believed to be wearing a face crafted by a plastic surgeon.

Has Leslie Stahl had Plastic Surgery?

By looking at before and after images it is apparent that she has been through a face lift procedure at the very least. In order to have such smooth, wrinkle free skin at her age she also has to be using some form of dermal filler. One significant area to note is her neck. She has none of the loose, sagging skin that a woman in her seventies should have in the neck area. This is highly suggestive of her having been through a neck lift procedure too. She appears to have been through all of these facial surgeries without having taken on the plastic look which is worn by so many women her age.

Before and After pictures:

Leslie Stahl picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Leslie Stahl picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Has Leslie Stahl had Plastic Surgery?

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