Has Madeleine Stowe had Plastic Surgery? Maybe not!

Regarded as being one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, Madeleine Stowe has onlookers wanting to know how she has managed to maintain her youthful looks. The star of the hit television show ‘Revenge’ is well into her fifties but looks many years younger. She denies all reports that she has undergone any form of plastic surgery including the use of injectables such as Botox in order to combat lines and wrinkles. Instead she has provided information about how she maintains the youthful appearance of her skin.

Has Madeleine Stowe had Plastic Surgery?

She says that from a very early age her mother always warned her to stay out of the sun, and would chastise her for pulling faces which made her brow wrinkle up. She believes that because she followed the advice that her mother gave her, she has protected her skin from many of the signs of aging that today’s women fight against. Though many claim that her smooth skin is a result of receiving Botox injections, she absolutely denies ever having received an injection of any kind of cosmetic filler into her face. To prove that this is the case she will regularly pull a face which causes natural lines and wrinkles to appear.

Now and then:

She firmly believes that there is something liberating about letting nature and the aging process take its course. She stated that one way of maintaining the elasticity of the skin and tone of the facial muscles is to perform a number of regular facial exercises. She also believes that drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s sleep can go a long way to improving the condition of the skin. She does however treat herself to regular facials, but nothing involving chemical treatments or lasers in an effort to maintain her youthful appearance. Looking at her photographs it is clear that whatever methods she uses are truly working in her favour

Before and after pictures (along time):

Madeleine Stowe in 1999 + another pic of Madeleine Stowe in 1999.

Madeleine Stowe in march 2013.

Has Madeleine Stowe had Plastic Surgery?

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