Has Naya Rivera had any Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1987, Naya Rivera is known as a model; actress and singer, rocketing to fame in the hit television series ‘Glee’ (with Carol Burnett). She has found herself in the headlines on a number of occasions thanks to her love of plastic surgery. It is not unusual for actors to turn to cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their image, in the belief that a more picture perfect face will land them more film and television roles. Sources claim that Naya has received numerous treatments ranging from breast implants to dermal fillers.

Has Naya Rivera ad any Plastic Surgery?

It is believed that she first went under the knife when she made the decision to invest in breast implants. At her age you would have thought that this would have resolved any issues that she had with the way that she looked. However it seems that once she received one successful surgery she was ready to move on and have another. When you look at images of her taken over the past few years you can see that there have been subtle changes made to the shape of her nose, a giveaway being the well defined and perfectly shaped tip of the nose. Her cheeks have been plumped and enhanced by the addition of dermal fillers, and her lips too are more plump and shapely now than they were before.

Before and After:

From being a somewhat flat chested girl in the early days of her career she now sports perfectly shaped, rounded breasts. Yet despite all of the obvious changes, she has never come out and admitted to having had any surgery. With having so much work done while she is still so young, you can’t help but wonder where she will draw the line and call an end to surgical enhancements. It could be that she is still having facial surgery in her sixties in the quest to remain looking young.

Before and After pictures:

Naya Rivera picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Naya Rivera picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Naya Rivera picture from 2010 (via Imdb, she’s the first one from the left)

Has Naya Rivera had any Plastic Surgery?

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