Has Reba Mcentire had any Plastic Surgery?

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Though she is now well into in her 60’s you wouldn’t guess it from looking at her. One of the biggest stars in country music Reba McEntire looks great for her age. While her publicists would have you believe that the way that she looks is down to following a healthy lifestyle and strict beauty and exercise regime, it’s obvious that there is more to the way that she looks than that. There is much speculation that she has received a number of facial surgeries and other cosmetic treatments in order to maintain such a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Has Reba Mcentire had any Plastic Surgery?

While there is no definitive proof to confirm that surgery has taken place, by comparing images of her from a few years ago to those taken recently you can almost track the changes as they took place. There are a number of treatments that she could have signed up for which would account for her the way she looks today. The most obvious form of facial surgery she may have had is a facelift followed by a regular Botox treatment. The skin on her face looks smooth and taut, there is none of the sagginess and wrinkling that you would expect to find on a woman in her later years. She also appears to have undergone breast augmentation. Her bust is much more shapely and rounded than in previous images.

Before and after:

There are some that believe that she has also had reductive rhinoplasty in order to narrow the bridge of her nose. While she may feel able to deny these rumours now, she is not going to be able to get away with it forever. The aging process may be halted for a while by the hand of the surgeon, but time will inevitably catch up with her and the truth will come out.

Before and after pictures:

Reba Mcentire picture from 2011.

Reba Mcentire picture from 2009.

Reba Mcentire picture from 2000.

Has Reba Mcentire had any Plastic Surgery?

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