Has Stockard Channing had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Stockard Channing has always looked younger than her actual age, for example she was in her thirties when she took on the role of one of the teenaged Pink Ladies in the hit musical ‘Grease’ (with Olivia Newton John). Now well into her sixties she still looks great, but it all can’t be down to the way that she looks after her skin. Normally when a Hollywood actress reaches a certain age they tend to fall of the radar as the paparazzi and gossip pages lose interest. However this actress still makes regular appearances in the celebrity magazines as people debate just how she manages to look so good for her age.

Has Stockard Channing had Plastic Surgery?

Comparing images from her early career to recent red carpet photographs the changes in her features are clear to see. It is clear that she has had an eye lift as she has very little in the way of eye bags and sagging skin below her eyes. The results of the surgery leave the patient with a much younger looking eye area, plus the eyes appear brighter and more vibrant than they were before. She has also received breast implants which has provided her with a curvier body shape. Botox therapy is one of the most popular cosmetic anti aging treatments currently available and Ms Channing looks to have used it to smooth out her facial lines and provide her with a much smoother and younger facial appearance.

Before and After:

When looking at skin plumpers and dermal fillers it is unusual for a patient to have one without also having a similar treatment applied to their lips. Collagen injections give the lips a fuller appearance and when done correctly, a perfect pout. Looking at Ms Channing’s lips you can see that they have not thinned with age. Like many people in her profession she has never made public the kind of surgery that she has had, but whatever she has put her skin through it has certainly worked to keep her looking younger for longer.

Before and After pictures:

Stockard Channing picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Stockard Channing picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Stockard Channing picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Has Stockard Channing had Plastic Surgery?

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