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Model, showgirl and Playboy Playmate Holly Madison claims that she has always been insecure about the way that she looks. From a young age she would dream of looking differently, and used to regularly pad out her bra with tissue to give the impression of having a good sized bust. She claims that during her time as one of Hugh Hefner’s playmates at the Playboy mansion her self image suffered greatly. She always felt that her small bust made her somehow inferior to the other girls around her. Much of the blame for feeling like this stemmed from her constantly comparing herself to the other girls.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery List:

As far as plastic surgery is concerned it has been an avenue to getting the body that she always dreamed she would have. When she compared herself to the girls in the mansion she would single herself out as being the one without big breasts or a decent bum. Surgery has allowed her to put this right. She also had her nose reshaped in order to have her face fit her ideal image of herself. Despite having all of this surgical body enhancement done she is still a believer in the old saying of beauty being on the inside of a person.

Before and After:

It seems that the sentiment is somewhat at odds with her actions. When asked about the prospect of further surgery she claims that she will only consider it after she has had children, and then it will depend on what pregnancy and childbirth do to her body. There may come a time when she returns to the surgeon for a small nip and tuck in order to get her body back into the shape that fits her ideal. Until then the celebrity claims that she is happy with the face and figure that her surgeon has provided her with.

You can also see here (on Wikipedia) a complete list of her surgeries.

Before and After pictures:

Holly Madison picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Holly Madison picture from 2008 (via Imdb)

Holly Madison picture from Wikipedia (I don’t know the exact year)

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