John Kerry Face Plastic Surgery?!

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John Kerry is the Secretary of State for the USA. He is a man that is used to being on camera. His image is published almost daily in newspapers and magazines and he is regularly shown on news and current affairs programmes. Lately though there have been concerns raised that something has ‘happened’ to his face. Something has changed and if public opinion is to be believed, it has not changed for the better.

Some type of surgery? If so, what type?

Commentators have noted that there is less droopiness around his eyes, and that his face seems to have changed shape (like Aishwarya Rai), appearing broader than before. Looking at images of Kerry the changes are plain to see. People are questioning the reasoning behind the changes. Why a man in his 70’s in such a prominent role would opt to undergo plastic surgery? Of course there have been denials issued from the Kerry camp, but the changes are plain for the whole world to see. Backing up the rumours regarding plastic surgery are the reports that he attended a ceremony at the White House sporting a broken nose and two black eyes. He claimed that he injuries were sustained in a game of ice hockey, hard to believe from a man his age.

Before and After:

A broken nose, bruised face and black eyes are just what you would expect to see on someone who had lately undergone extensive facial surgery. Plus his skin is now so taut and smooth that all of his previous, and rather extensive collection of wrinkles have disappeared. There is also talk of him having had his jaw surgically altered in order for him to have a stronger chin. Perhaps the surgery is an attempt to attract a younger following; in order to appeal to a new generation of voters, who knows? But with such dramatic changes to his face it seems ridiculous for him to deny the surgery.

Before and After (pictures + links):

Before the plastic surgeries (45+ years ago)

After some time (in the near present)

Latest picture of John Kerry

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