Kyuhyun Suju Plastic Surgery for Real?

South Korea is fast becoming a country renowned for excellence in plastic surgery. Korean celebrities from film, TV and the music industry are all taking advantage of the skills that are on their doorstep. Kyuhyun Suju is no exception, member of the South Korean boy band ‘Super Junior’ is just another Korean celebrity to undergo surgery in order to boost his appeal. Rumours were circulating about his facial changes for quite a while before he actually came clean and talked about the surgery that he went through.

Kyuhyun Suju Plastic Surgery for Real?

Born in 1988 the singer is not yet in his thirties, but has already undergone major facial surgery. He has openly admitted to having had double eyelid surgery. One of the effect of this form of surgery is that it changes the overall appearance of the eyes and makes them appear more Caucasian than Asian. Also, because the eyes have effectively been open wider, they add a fresh look to the face. The production company that the singer is signed with is reportedly against any of their clients undergoing plastic surgery procedures, however it seems in this case they have made an exception. According to sources at SM Entertainment they believed that the double eye lift was only a mild, non invasive procedure and would not pose any danger to their client.

Before and After:

When speaking about his procedure he disclosed the fact that both of his parents have been through the double eyelid surgery too. Hardly surprising really when you consider that this is the most popular forms of surgery requested of Asian cosmetic surgeons. It appears that Kyuhyun has paved the way for other members of the band to not only undertake surgery for themselves, but also admit and talk about the fact freely with the Korean media, something which is generally unheard of.

Before and After pictures:

Kyuhyun Suju picture (date is unknown)

Another picture of Kyuhyun Suju (date is unknown)

One other picture of Kyuhyun Suju (date is unknown, again)

Kyuhyun Suju Plastic Surgery for Real?

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