Lee Min Ho denies Plastic Surgery?

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Actor Lee Min Ho is most well known in South Korea for his role in the television series ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Like many Asian actors Lee Min Ho has turned to cosmetic surgery in order to enhance his appearance and boost his audience appeal. Plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements are big business in Asia, and this is one actor who has not been afraid to let everyone know that he has received facial surgery. This was not about looking younger; it was more to westernise his features, possibly in order to make him more appealing to a wider audience, or get him work in America and Europe.

Lee Min Ho denies Plastic Surgery?

Looking at before and after images it is easy to see where the changes have taken place. Whilst the surgery has not in any way caused a dramatic change to the way that he looks, it has softened his features and no doubt boosted his confidence as a result. One of the major changes has been to the shape of his eyes. Eyelid surgery has resulted in his eyes having a more Caucasian rather than Asian appearance. His nose has received some augmentation too, it now appears more narrow and straighter than it was before. His lips too have received treatment. Old images show that he once had a natural pout, he now has a more masculine shape to the mouth.

Before and After:

His image change is not all down to the help of a surgeon though. He has shed his excess weight, restyled himself and given himself a full image makeover. There is no denying that the changes he has made has made him more popular with his fans and increased his appeal to his female audience. He has shown that plastic surgery does not have to be dramatic in order to achieve the desired effects.

Before and After pictures:

Lee Min Ho in the present (after the plastic surgery)

Lee Min Ho in the past (in 2009, maybe before the plastic surgery)

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