Meagan Good had Plastic Surgery?

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Still only in her early thirties, actress Meagan Good is already at the centre of a number of cosmetic surgery rumours. She has starred in a number of movies and television series which have earned her an international fan base. Many in the media are keen to point out that the actress we see on screen today does not look entirely the same as she did at the start of her career. Hardly surprising considering the industry in which she works. The pressure within Hollywood to maintain an image is incredible and many actors can be forgiven for using modern cosmetic surgery techniques in order to maintain their look.

Meagan Good had Plastic Surgery?

Many are keen to point out that there are clear signs that the actress has been through breast augmentation surgery in order to increase her breast size. This is a common cosmetic procedure and many women find that it boosts their confidence and gives them a greater sense of self worth. Many claim that the surgery has not been as successful as it should as the skin looks tight and over stretched on her breast, which has resulted in the appearance of stretch marks when the actress gained a little weight. They believe that the implants she was given were too large for her body frame and may cause her difficulties in the long term.

Before and After:

There are reports that the actress is looking to go back for further augmentation surgery in order adjust the size of her breasts once more, hopefully to reverse some of the adverse effects that her fans have noticed. Many believe that she will give the impression of being a more natural beauty if she has the implant size reduced slightly. So far breast augmentation seems to be the only procedure that the actress has opted for. It may be that she turns to surgery for some anti aging help in the future.

Before and After pictures:

Meagan Good picture from 2012.

Meagan Good picture from 2003 (before the plastic surgery?)

Meagan Good picture from 2003 (I believe she either had breast implants before 2003, either she haven’t)

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