“Army Wives” Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery?

British and American actress Catherine Bell is probably most well known for the role she played in the television series ‘JAG’, or perhaps the role of Denise Sherwood in the ‘Army Wives’ television series. What has lately brought her to the attention of the gossip column writers is the way that she has changed the way that she looks through the intervention of cosmetic surgery. According to her many fans th

Did Patricia Heaton have Plastic Surgery?

Television actress Patricia Heaton has never denied that fact that she has used plastic surgery as a tool to enable her to regain her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her sons. The mother of four claims that the pregnancies and subsequent years of breastfeeding took a toll on her body, and she used surgery to get rid of the stretch marks caused by her multiple pregnancies and then reshape her breasts. The

Did Dyan Cannon have Plastic Surgery?

Despite her advancing age, actress Dyan Cannon looks every inch the Hollywood movie star now as she did when she was younger. Now well into her seventies you would expect her to look her age with drooping, sagging skin and more than her share of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Instead she looks vibrant and alive with smooth, clear skin and sparkling eyes. Having spent a lot of years in the movie industry she knows what

Did Meryl Streep have Plastic Surgery?

Meryl Streep is one of the most widely respected actresses ever to have come out of Hollywood. A star of stage and screen she is now half way through her sixties and looking wonderful. She sports the fresh faced look so common with those undergoing Botox therapy, though does not appear to have followed the road taken by so many of her contemporaries into the world of over enthusiastic plastic surgery. She still loo

Did Rick Springfield get Plastic Surgery?

Rick Springfield was best known for playing the role of Dr Noah Drake in the popular television series ‘General Hospital’ (with Jack Wagner). Australian by birth he also later gained fame as a musician with the release of his single ‘Jessie’s Girl’ in the 1980’s. His single rose to number one in the charts and brought with it a new surge of fame and a much younger fan base. At age 24 he was interviewed

Did Vanna White have Plastic Surgery? For Real?

Famous for being the hostess on the television quiz show ‘Wheel of Fortune’, Vanna White looks surprisingly good for her age. Her looks have been the subject of some debate in the celebrity lifestyle magazines of late though. There is speculation that she has been undergoing cosmetic surgery treatments in order to stay looking good for as long as possible; while there is an opposing argument that she looks so w

Priyanka Chopra denies Plastic Surgery?

Since claiming the ‘Miss World’ crown at the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant in 2000, Priyanka Chopra has gone on to become one of the most recognisable faces in Indian media. She is a successful model and Bollywood actress and owes much of her success to the way that she looks. However of you take a closer look at her face you will see that in the years since she won the Miss World crown her face app

Tori Amos talks about Plastic Surgery?

Musician and singer Tori Amos has been surrounded by plastic surgery rumours for quite some time. Born in 1963 she is now in her fifties and somehow manages to look at least ten years younger than her actual age. Famous for being alternative in not only her music style but also in her personal style, there has been much attention focussed lately on the way that her face looks. Many of her fans believe that in order

Did Park Min Young get Plastic Surgery?

Korean actress Park Min Young is famous for appearing in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ on Korean television. Like many other promising young Asian actors she has taken the cosmetic surgery route in order to enhance her natural looks and features. From comparing her before and after pictures it is clear that her surgeon deserves some praise, as the changes that he has made to her face look incredibly natural and beauti

Lee Min Ho denies Plastic Surgery?

Actor Lee Min Ho is most well known in South Korea for his role in the television series ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Like many Asian actors Lee Min Ho has turned to cosmetic surgery in order to enhance his appearance and boost his audience appeal. Plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements are big business in Asia, and this is one actor who has not been afraid to let everyone know that he has received facial surgery. T