Pete Burns Plastic Surgery?

Musician Pete Burns is more famous now for his extensive plastic surgery, than he ever was for being the vocalist for ‘Dead or Alive’. Now in his mid fifties the star looks nothing like he did when he rose to fame in the 1980’s after the release of ‘You Spin me Round’ in 1985. He has been through so many surgeries and procedures that he himself admits that he runs the risk of having his face collapse or simply fall off.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery?

Despite having had a number of failed or botched surgical procedures on his face, they have not been enough to put him off having any further surgeries in the future. At one point his face was so bad he almost had to have his lips amputated, yet he still wants more surgery. He has stated that to him, treating himself to a new face is similar to other people treating themselves to a new sofa. He had admitted to having a number of face lifts, receiving Botox injections and has had several lip implant surgeries. He claims that his first ever surgery was a nose job which he had in the 1980’s and claims he has new surgery when he feels bored with his current look.

Before and After pictures:

Pete Burns picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Pete Burns picture from 2007

You can see here more pictures of him (before/after/present)

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery?

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