Priyanka Chopra denies Plastic Surgery?

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Since claiming the ‘Miss World’ crown at the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant in 2000, Priyanka Chopra has gone on to become one of the most recognisable faces in Indian media. She is a successful model and Bollywood actress and owes much of her success to the way that she looks. However of you take a closer look at her face you will see that in the years since she won the Miss World crown her face appears much younger, without blemish or the recognisable changes brought about by the aging process. So how could she appear younger now than when she did in the early days of her career? Well the answer is obvious, plastic surgery must play a major role in the way that she looks today.

Priyanka Chopra denies Plastic Surgery?

If you were to take a look at images for Ms Chopra taken at the beginning of her career, and compare them to more recently captured images, you will note that there are subtle changes to the shape of her face. This has been achieved by making delicate alterations to the shape of her nose, enhancing and defining the shape of her lips to provide a more seductive pout. The shape of her eyes is also subtly different, possibly the result of a cosmetic eye lift. All of these subtle changes have brought symmetry to her face and have given her the appearance of a much younger woman.

Before and after:

Although there were many of her fans who claimed that cosmetic surgery was unnecessary and were angered by her decision to go under the knife, they cannot fail to be impressed by the way that the plastic surgery she has undertaken has enhanced her natural beauty. It has and added a timeless quality to her looks which will see her looking beautiful for some time to come.

Before and after pictures:

Priyanka Chopra picture from 2014 (in the present – after) (via Wikipedia)

Priyanka Chopra picture from 2012.

Priyanka Chopra picture from 2011.

Priyanka Chopra picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Priyanka Chopra picture from 2008.

Priyanka Chopra got plastic surgeries?

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