Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Rumors..

Normally is the actresses in Hollywood which grab all of the headlines when they undergo plastic surgery, but actor Ray Liotta has attracted his own share of the post plastic surgery limelight. Unlike other male actors Liotta has taken to fighting the aging process rather than taking it in his stride and adapting to the changes that it brings. Sadly the plastic surgery that he has put himself through has not provided him with the results that he was probably hoping for.

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Rumors..

Stories about plastic surgery gone wrong are never in short supply, but you generally find that the individual involved is a woman. What has happened to Ray Liotta’s face is going some way towards balancing the books. Understandably there is a lot of pressure placed upon actors to continue to look good, and this forces many to place their features in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon. From looking at his photographs it would appear that he has been through a face lift procedure, as the skin on his face shows no signs of having lost its elasticity. He has very little in the way of eye bags which would suggest that he has also had an eye lift as well as eyelid surgery.

Before and After:

In order to keep the lifted skin looking good and to maintain its shape, dermal fillers are injected into areas of the face. It does appear that Mr Liotta’s face did not react well to the fillers used as in some images his face appears swollen and distorted. His natural laughter lines have disappeared and his face looks stiff and expressionless. So far there has been only denial in response to the plastic surgery rumours, claiming instead that the changes to the way that he looks are the result of exercising regularly and following a healthy lifestyle.

Before and After pictures:

Ray Liotta picture from 2014 (via Imdb)

Ray Liotta picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Ray Liotta picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia)

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Rumors..

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