Roma Downey did she have Plastic Surgery?

There are certain pressures which actresses and people in the public eye are subjected to that other women perhaps don’t have to deal with. While most women are content to grow old gracefully, actress Roma Downey has to do what she can to maintain an appealing; youthful appearance in front of the camera. While many actresses deny the assistance of the scalpel in providing them with flawless looks photographs hardly ever lie, and no amount of genetics; healthy lifestyle or exercise regime can explain away wrinkle free skin. The only way to call a halt to the ravages of the aging process is to call upon an experienced surgeon.

Roma Downey did she have Plastic Surgery?

From examining early images of Roma and putting them along side more recent photographs, it is clear to see that she has had considerable help in maintaining her youthful appearance. The difference between the images would suggest a face lift and neck lift at the very minimum. She must also be receiving Botox injections and possibly laser based skin treatments in order to maintain the appearance of her lifted skin and stop any sagging. While dermal fillers can give the skin a plumped out; more youthful appearance, laser treatments are used to improve the quality and appearance of the skin itself by removing any age spots, blemishes or imperfections.

Before and After:

Roma Downey is another actress that has failed to ‘go public’ with reference to the extent of her plastic surgery. Yet there has also never been any form of denial to the rumours surrounding the level of plastic surgery that she has received. Clever use of makeup and professional styling can only go so far to provide an actress with a great image. In order to ensure that the skin presents as youthful an impression as the styling there is only one option, cosmetic surgery and chemical treatments.

Before and after pictures:

Roma Downey picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Roma Downey picture from 2000.

Roma Downey picture from 1998.

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