Susan Sarandon Admits to Plastic Surgery?

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Susan Sarandon has been appearing in films and on television for decades, one of her more memorable movies being ‘Thelma and Louise’. With such a long career in front of the camera it is hardly surprising that she has looked to the cosmetic surgeon for help in maintaining a more youthful appearance. Unlike other Hollywood stars Susan has never been shy in admitting that she has had surgery, or claiming that she will have whatever surgery is required in order to keep her career alive. Many actresses of her generation have taken plastic surgery to extremes, something she says will never happen to her.

Susan Sarandon Admits to Plastic Surgery?

While she may have undergone a number of procedures over the years she claims that she is in no danger of becoming addicted to plastic surgery the way that many have before her. There is no getting away from the fact that the surgery that she has received has indeed made her look much younger than her actual age, something achieved with the help of breast implants; Botox (like Kym Johnson), dermal fillers (like Cindy Crawford) and liposuction. She admits that liposuction techniques were used to remove excess fat from her body, to leave her with a more appealing figure, with curves in all the right places. She also used the technique to remove excess fat from beneath her chin and under her eyes.

Before and After:

While she has removed many of the signs of aging common in woman her age such as lines and wrinkles, she has not taken it to the point where her face has started to look like a mask with over tight skin. There is still enough of her natural features left to keep her looking the way that she should. Regular Botox treatments will help her fight the advancement of any wrinkles, and should the time come she claims that she will undergo a full facelift if she feels it is necessary.

Before and After pictures:

Susan Sarandon picture from 2012 or this one (via Wikipedia)

Susan Sarandon picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Susan Sarandon picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Susan Sarandon Admits to Plastic Surgery?

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