Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery – Before and After

Tina Knowles is the mother of a very famous daughter, a woman famed for her beauty, talent and appeal. Tina Knowles is the mother of pop star Beyonce. It appears that the lady is not going to be outdone in the beauty stakes and has resorted to plastic surgery in an attempt to recapture her youth. Sources claim that the surgical procedures that she has been through were paid for by her daughter. It is also claimed that they were to make her mother feel better about herself after her divorce to Beyonce’s father.

Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery? Real? Rumors?

Tina Knowles is a fashion designer and at one point was charged with designing the clothes for girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’. She has also ran her own beauty business and knows something about how to look good no matter what your age. During more than thirty years of marriage the designer gave birth to seven children and over the years of the marriage she believes that her self confidence suffered. Her daughter believed her plastic surgery gift would allow her mother to feel like the woman she once was and allow her to regain her vitality.

Before and After:

The designer is now sixty years old and as a result of the surgical procedures she has been through does look considerably younger. A face lift combined with dermal filler injections and Botox has done wonders for the woman’s appearance. Her skin looks smooth and youthful and the lack of facial wrinkles takes years off her face. There is no doubt that the surgery has done wonders for her confidence and boosted her self image immensely. You can’t help but wonder if her ex-husband is regretting his decision to walk away from their marriage now that she is revitalised and reenergised by the gift of surgery given to her by their daughter.

Before and After pictures:

Tina Knowles picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

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