Uee did Plastic Surgery?

As a member of South Korean girl groupAfter School’, Uee has drawn a lot of attention in the media for the way that she looks. Originally it was because they thought she was too fat to be in a girl band, then later it was because she had done something about her image and completely changed her look. Despite all of the rumours relating to liposuctions and other such fat reducing methods, Uee and her family members are keen to point out that the changes she has made to her body shape she has achieved by herself without the aid of surgery or any form of fat removal technique.

Uee did Plastic Surgery?

One thing that she has admitted to though is having double eyelid surgery in order to open out her eyes and change the overall look of her face. Double eyelid surgery is incredibly popular in Asia. The surgery makes the eyes appear wider and much more open than the traditional Asian eye shape allows. Those who undergo the procedure believe that is gives their face a much more attractive appearance and makes them much more appealing to others. It is unusual for a celebrity in South Korea to come clean about their surgery as normally the rumours are never commented on. She is determined to make clear that this is the only surgical procedure that she has been through, despite what the rumours may claim.

Before and After:

Since she changed the way her face looks and lost the weight that she was criticised for having, Uee’s popularity with her South Korean audience has increased. The singer, dancer and actress may still be young, and lack a certain amount of life experience, but she has proved that she can take the negativity of the media and turn it around in her favour to come out on top.

Before and After pictures:

One picture of Uee from Wikipedia (date unknown)

Another picture of Uee via Soompi (date unknown)

Another picture of Uee/Young Uee (date unknown)

Uee did Plastic Surgery?

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