Who Did Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery?

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Barbara Walters is one of the most recognisable faces on American daytime TV, she is an anchor woman; journalist and presenter. Having spent decades in the public eye it gradually became obvious that she was not aging as quickly or as naturally as she should. More careful scrutiny of images of her taken across the length of her career clearly indicate that she has called on professional help to combat the aging process. Recently she has been described as having a plastic like appearance, with her skin looking unnatural and excessively smooth.

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery?

In all likeliness Barbara has been the recipient of more than one facial surgery, including a number of face lifts. Facial fillers such as Botox could account for the smooth, plastic like skin across her forehead and the complete lack of crow’s feet and wrinkles. At her age her skin should have formed areas of wrinkles, which happens as the skin ages and loses its natural elasticity, plus there is no loose skin at her neck. This would suggest that she has also subjected herself to a neck lift which would tighten the skin and remove any signs of sagging. To maintain the smoothness of the skin she must also be receiving regular treatment in the form of a dermal filler to help the lifted skin retain its shape.

Before and After:

Fat has been removed from around her eyes and her eyelids, and the sagging, aging skin has been removed. Doing so has opened up the eye area giving her brighter eyes which in turn provides a more youthful appearance. There is no denying that the surgery has rejuvenated her face and allowed here to hold off the aging process, but at her age there is only so much that the skin can be subjected to before things go horribly wrong.

Barbara Walters Before and after pictures:

Barbara Walters picture from 2011.

Barbara Walters picture from 2007.

Barbara Walters picture from 2004.

Barbara Walters picture from 2001.

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery?

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