Who Did Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery?

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Elsa Patton, aside from being the mother of celebrity daughter Marysol Patton is known for appearances on the hit show the Real Housewives of Miami. Unfortunately for her she has become even more famous as being a walking example of what happens when plastic surgery is taken too far. She recognises that her obsession with plastic surgery has ruined both her looks and her life, and provides a warning to others keen to go under the surgeon’s knife multiple times that there is only so much that the human body, especially an aging body can take before the skin collapses completely.

Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery?

Due to repeated Botox treatments, a nose augmentation, liposuction and a facelift she has been left with features that can only be described as grotesque. The shape of her face and set of her features in unnatural, and she has done little to help herself by subjecting her aging skin to severe surgical procedures. Having undertaken so many facial surgeries she has had to undergo more facial modification techniques in order to try and restore some normality to her face. Cheek and lip implants were recommended in order to try and restore some shape and definition to her ruined face, though they had little effect. There are also rumours that she has also undertaken breast augmentation surgery.

Before and after:

As far as her fans are concerned she has taken facial surgery too far and needs to stop. At age 76 it seems her skin simply cannot withstand the harsh treatment and chemicals involved in the procedures she undergoes. In reality the more she tries to defy the aging process the more disfigured her appearance becomes. She was once a striking woman with defined features but her refusal to submit to the aging process has resulted in her being disfigured for life.

Before and after:

Elsa Patton before and after picture (from Pinterest)

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