Who Did Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery?

Wendy Williams hosts a day time talk show on American television; this actress and presenter has courted the attention of the Hollywood gossips on more than one occasion, as they struggle to come to terms with the extent of her plastic surgery. Currently everything about Ms Williams looks fake, as artificial as it can possibly get. From her face to her breasts there is something unnerving about the amount of silicone and plastic that this woman has in her body.

Who Did Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery?

Her before and after images show a dramatic change in the way that she looks and to her overall body shape. She believes that all of the surgery that she has subjected herself to has left her looking sexier and more appealing to the opposite sex. Yet to most people she is an example of plastic surgery being taken too far. Previously overweight she turned to liposuction to remove her excess fat, followed by a tummy tuck to remove the resulting loose skin. Breast implants (around 14 years ago or so) were next on the list but rather than go for a natural look she went large, too large. By dramatically increasing the size of her breasts she managed to throw her entire body proportions out of balance.

Before and After:

Not content with having breast augmentation once, she had a secondary augmentation done following the birth of her son. It is rumoured that she had tattoos drawn in specific areas on her stomach in order to disguise the scars left behind after her tummy tuck. She is also rumoured to have undergone a face lift; cheek implants; Botox injections; eyelid surgery and a nose job. While she may be wrinkle free she if left looking harsh and unnatural. It may possibly be that she has more surgeries in the future as she ages, in which case she will certainly be taking her plastic surgery far too far.

Before and After pictures:

Wendy Williams picture from 2005 (already with breast implants)

Wendy Williams picture from 2013

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery?

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