Why Did Nikki Cox get Plastic Surgery?

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Nikki Cox is an American actress most well known for her role in the successful ‘Las Vegas’ (with Vanessa Marcil)  television series. Many believe that she has subjected herself to a number of surgical procedures and beauty enhancing treatments in order to make herself appear more appealing to a wider audience, boosting her popularity and revitalising her film and television career. Some of the surgeries that it is believed she has had are breast augmentation, Botox and cheek implants. There is also talk of her having had collagen injected (like Kim Basinger) into her lips and a face lift.

Why Did Nikki Cox get Plastic Surgery?

When you compare photographs of her now against those that were taken a number of years ago you can clearly see that there have been some quite dramatic changes to the way that she looks. Her lips are now larger and much more plump, as a result her mouth looks unnatural. Breast implants have giver her body a different shape; her breasts are now larger, providing her with much more cleavage than even the best body shaping underwear can provide. When you look at her eyes you can see that there is a subtle change to the way that they are shaped, this is probably the result of having undergone an eye lift. Cheek implants have left her with firmer skin across her face, with more shape across the cheek bones.

Before and After:

A distinct lack of wrinkles is also noticeable as she lacks the crow’s feet and laughter lines associated with a woman her age. This is probably the result of having regular Botox treatments to keep the skin plumped out and smooth. Sources claim that she underwent her first surgery, the breast enlargement in 2005, and has been a regular visitor to the plastic surgeon ever since. It would appear that everything went well until she opted for the lip augmentation which could possibly have been a step too far.

Before and After pictures:

Nikki Cox picture from 2009 (via Imdb)

Nikki Cox picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Nikki Cox picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Nikki Cox picture from 2000 (from Wikipedia)

Why Did Nikki Cox get Plastic Surgery?

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